This is where you can find all the documents available on the KPI Engine site in one place.

BRE PURE Carbon CalculatorThis is the BRE PURE carbon calculator for use in calculating the carbon footprint of the company offices and office staff travel. members only
Carbon Calculator User GuideUser guide for the KPI Engine Carbon Calculator. members only
Client Satisfaction Service QuestionnaireSample questionnaire for Client Satisfaction, Service. members only
Construction Hub Carbon Data Collection FormsThese forms are to aid the collection of information required for the calculation of carbon associated with the construction process. members only
Economic KPI - DefinitionsThis document lists the 'headline' economic KPI (such as Cost Predictability - Project) and includes their definitions and calculations. members only
Housing KPIList of Housing KPI for New Build Housing, Refurbishment, Repairs Housing and Voids Housing members only
KPI FlyerInformation sheet outlining CCIs KPI Engine and KPIzone with costs of licences open/download
KPI List Economic, Social & EnvironmentalThis document lists the KPI available in three KPI categories - 'headline' economic, 'Respect for People' social and environmental. They relate to the 'All Construction' benchmark dataset. members only
KPI List Environment Construction Process PerfList of environment KPI with definitions. members only

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