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KPIzone Introduction

Where do the KPI come from?

As you will see from the 'About' page, the Construction Industry KPI originate in work originally undertaken by Sir John Egan and the Movement for Innovation some ten years ago to measure the state of the industry and monitor its improvement. They have been defined by industry leaders so that, by using these agreed definitions and methods of measurement, anyone can compare their project or company performance with the industry as a whole.

Where does the KPI benchmark data come from?

The benchmark data is collected by Glenigan and Constructing Excellence under contract to BIS. It is drawn from a number of sources, including a random sample of Construction projects across the UK. You can rest assured that benchmark data is a representative sample of data drawn from constructors, consultants and clients.

What is a benchmark score?

The KPIzone and the KPI Engine are benchmarking tools. They take your KPI score (such as a Client Satisfaction score of 8 out of 10) and compare it to the benchmark data to generate a benchmark score, such as 62%. This would mean you are performing better than or equal to 62% of projects/companies. For this to be accurate, you must make sure your KPI measurements are in line with the definitions and methodologies provided within the Zone or the Engine.

What are the KPI?

Over the years, the number of KPI has grown considerably. The core KPI relate to time, cost and quality and they reflect the entire benchmark dataset, 'All Construction'. There are also subsets, or suites, of this data, reflecting, for example, New Build Housing, New Build Non-Housing, Respect for People, Environmental measures and so on. All the suites can be viewed by clicking on the Login page and using the Login demo and the password demo. Also, if you click on any of these suites, you will be shown an example of how the definitions, methods of measurement and data are presented.

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