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Benchmarking is not just about measuring your own performance, it is about comparing with others to drive continuous improvement.

Benchmarking works in a systematic and logical way and then using the information from the best to make targeted improvements. One of the best ways of benchmarking is by using Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

CCI’s online benchmarking tool, The KPI Engine, allows you to benchmark on over 580 national construction Key Performance Indicators using the Construction Industry National data collected and compiled annually.  If you would like to access the KPI Engine to see how your Company can benefit, please contact CCI at kpi@ccinw.com

The cost of a licence has been held at £395 + vat for an annual licence which allows you to measure 10 projects with up to 15 KPI per year. You can purchase a Licence through our on-line shop at :-


If you are already registered and your licence has expired, you can also purchase your licence on-line and continue to see the benefits by receiving your confirmation and account reinstatement within 1 day.

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