About the KPI Engine

Rethinking Construction

The Construction Industry KPIs emerged from Sir John Egan's (1998) 'Rethinking Construction' Report. The Construction Industry as a whole was in a poor state, with projects consistently failing to meet client expectations, being delivered late and over-budget. Egan identified a number of drivers for change, including better client leadership, supply chain integration and investment in the workforce. He set a number of ambitious targets against which this improvement should be measured, which we still recognise today as 'headline' performance indicators, such as time and cost predictability.

Constructing Excellence's KPIzone

As Constructing Excellence set about to promote the Rethinking Construction agenda, KPIzone was developed to help contractors measure their performance in a consistent way, to demonstrate their improvements in time, cost and quality and to understand how their performance compared to their peers.

CCI's KPI Engine

CCI set out to achieve similar goals with the KPI Engine. However, the KPI Engine has developed further to meet needs that have emerged over the past decade, such as clients' desire to measure contractors' performance, to compare performance of contractors and consultants on framework agreements and to drive continuous improvement within best practice benchmarking clubs.











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