KPI Engine

Frequently asked questions

Q) My login and password doesn’t work.

A) Your login and password are case sensitive so check that you are entering them exactly as the details sent to you.  If you are still unable to login, check that you have clicked on KPI Engine in the navigation bar or KPI Zone if you have a Zone only licence. 

Q) I am trying to enter a new project but the details will not save.

A)  Check how many projects you already have on the system.  Your licence allows a maximum of 10 projects.  If you wish to purchase an additional licence for a further 10 projects you can do so by ordering on line at kpizone@ccinw.com

Q) I am trying to produce a Company report but only 5 KPI are showing for selection.

A) This is because the KPIs showing are Company specific KPIs and the remainder of your KPIs are Project specific.  You can report on all KPIs by selecting Combined Report.

Q)  Why do I need a separate login and password to access the KPI zone?

A)  The data you create in the KPI Engine is specific to your company, allows you to benchmark against your own projects and other companies in your benchmark group and stores the information.  The KPI zone is an instant benchmark tool offering a choice of over 500 KPI to benchmark against the industry standard but does not keep your information. You can purchase a joint engine and zone licence and have just one login.

Q) My licence has expired, how do I renew this?

A) You can order a new licence by emailing us on kpizone@ccinw.com.  You can now buy your licence from our on-line shop https://shop.salford.ac.uk/ and selecting the type of licence you require.  You will be sent a new login and password within 5 days from receipt of your payment.

Q) Am I able to benchmark historic data for examplet 2009/10 results against 2009/10 benchmark scores?

A)  Yes you can.  On the reports pages you can select "Advanced Options" then "Select Benchmark Set" from a drop down list and this will give you the option to choose National 2009 and National 2010.

Q) I don't use some of my KPI but there are others that would be more useful.  Can I chage my chosen KPI?

A) Yes you can but the new KPIs will not appear until you have updated your existing project KPI, even if you are chaning company level ones.

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