Implementing Performance Measurement

Guide to Implementing Performance Measurement Systems


Performance measurement drives continuous improvement. It can

  • Focus improvement: identify areas of poor performance and help focus improvement in those areas. 

  • Share best practice: identify areas of great performance which should be shared throughout your business.

  • Win work:  benchmark your performance & evidence your competencies to help you win work.

  • Drive innovation: demonstrate you have a performance measurement system with the power to generate innovation

But when you are new to measurement, it can be hard to know whether the scores you are achieving are any good or not. How do you compare to the rest of the industry or your direct competitors?


Using KPIzone and the KPI Engine you have comprehensive tools by which to measure yourself over time and against competitiors. KPIzone provides unlimited access to the complete suite of KPI, SPI & API and can benchmark yourself on each and every one. By using the KPI Engine, you can easily benchmark your business against the national average, and projects against each other or the national dataset. Benchmarking provides a 'yardstick' by which to judge your performance. The KPI Engine provides comprehensive support for collecting, reporting and analysing data. It is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any web-enabled location without the need for software to be installed. The KPI Engine allows you to;

  • Identify your own suite of KPIs from over 580 different measures
  • Include bespoke KPIs
  • Report KPI scores easily in tables, graphs and action plans
  • Allows you to benchmark projects and the company against a range of data sets.

Here are 7 Steps of Performance Measurement shown below: 1. Decide what to measure, 2. Collect data, 3. Calculate KPIs, 4. Report the Results, 5. Analyse the Results, 6. Take Action and 7. Measure Again. Follow the quick links to the right for more information and comments from our clients.

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