Step 3 : Calculate PerformanceEngine

Step 3 : Calculate Performance

Industry-standard KPI

Use standard approaches where possible. By using industry-standard approaches, your  KPIs will be measured, calculated and collated consistently over time and the results will be comparable with the national data set. It is also far easier than developing your own KPI definitions and methods of calculation!


The full suite of industry-standard KPI can be viewed in the KPIzone section of this website. Different suites are available for Consultants, M&E Contractors and Product Manufacturers. There is a headline economic suite with separate subsets of the data for New Build Housing, New Build Non-Housing, R&M and R Housing, R&M and R Non-Housing, Repairs – Housing, Voids Housing and Infrastructure. A suite of 'social' KPIs called, 'Respect for People' measures organisational elements such as Health & Safety and Equality & Diversity. The Environmental suite measures KPI such as Mains Water Use, Waste and Impact on Environment.

All Key (KPI), Secondary (SPI) and Additional (API) Performance Indicators can be accessed in the KPIzone. Each Performance Indicator includes a definition, description, method of measurement and in many cases, a calculator. There is also a graph showing the standard distribution of the national benchmark data. The calculator will benchmark your KPI score against the national dataset for you.

A licence for KPIzone costs £250 + VAT. either online or by invoice.  Once your payment has been received, your unique User ID and Login will be emailed to you immediately.

The KPI Engine

The KPI Engine has been developed over 6 years to help us support our partners in collecting, reporting and analysing data. It is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any web-enabled location without the need for software to be installed. The KPI Engine allows you to:

  • Identify your own suite of KPIs from over 580 different measures
  • Support the inclusion of bespoke KPIs
  • Report project and organisational scores benchmarked against the national average
  • Compare between projects

A licence for the KPI Engine costs £395 + VAT. Buy now by completing this form and return by email or fax back (f: 0161 295 5880). Once your payment has been received, your unique User ID and Login will be emailed to you immediately.

The KPI Engine can be accessed from the tab above. Using the Login ID and password "demo", you can update and report against the 10 headline KPIs for a single project. Instructions can be downloaded from the 'Documents' section of this website.

Client commendation

Andy Ward, Technical Director of Mansell Build, “At Mansell, we've found when you're doing performance measurement, you want to be able to see quickly and easily whether you’re getting better, getting worse and how you’re doing compared to your rivals. The KPI Engine enables you to do just that.”


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